Lakers: Ranking The Top 5 Most Fun Lakers to Use in NBA 2K17

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D’Angelo Russell

Although D-Lo isn’t the highest rated Laker on the team, he is ranked the highest compared to his youthful teammates. It’s clear from tip-off that opposing defenses are geared up to stop Russell. Throughout my initial journey, Russell saw many double teams and traps. But it was clear why the Lakers think so highly of him.

Simply put, D’Angelo is the man in 2K17. Don’t let his 79 rating fool you. When used correctly, Russell can slice through defenses and score at will. Also, his control over the team is evident in this game. There were many instances where we wouldn’t score unless D-Lo had touched the ball at some point.

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Not only is his scoring correctly represented, his passing ability shines through as well. Russell’s passing vision is often compared to that of Magic Johnson, and it’s easy to see why. (At least it is in the game) I was able to thread some incredible passes with D-Lo and it wasn’t difficult to rack up at least 10 assists per game.

My only problem with Russell’s 2k representation was his defense. As often as he was giving another point guard the blues, there was one giving it right back to him.

No one has ever accused D-Lo of being a Defensive Player of The Year candidate and that much is evident in the game. I recall one game particularly in which Chris Paul lit us up for 30 points and 13 assists. That might not seem like a big deal, but remember that I was playing on six minute quarters……..