Los Angeles Lakers: 5 possible outcomes in free agency this offseason

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Los Angeles Lakers
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3. Unpopular Outcome: Get no star free agents and lose current players to FA

This could be a nightmare outcome for the Lakers depending on how Johnson and Pelinka play their cards in free agency.

How is that possible you might ask? The Lakers can put their all their cards on one particular player; LeBron James cough, cough. They wait and wait for his decision and then he turns him down.

By that time, Randle is gone, KCP is on his way to another team that showed him the money and even Paul George was somewhat offended that he wasn’t shown any love after the signs have shown that he wanted to join the Lakers for years now.

Now the Lakers could fix things in 2019 because they will have all that cap space to play with but Laker Nation is tired of waiting another year. They want to get better and see some improvement and not the other way around.

This would be a nightmare for the Lakers should this outcome happen during free agency.