Lakers Rumors: What Lakers fans can expect from Reggie Bullock

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Los Angeles Lakers Rumors
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We take a deeper dive into the most recent Los Angeles Lakers rumors, the reported acquisition of Reggie Bullock, and what the fans should expect from him.

Lakers rumors are flying around the NBA right now and we can now see that it’s not just all about Anthony Davis. The Lakers front office are making moves quietly behind the scenes. Don’t be surprised if there are shakeups similar to the exodus of players last year.

But you have to start at one and here it is, shared late last night on Lake Show Life by Kenneth Teape.

The Los Angeles Lakers traded Svi Mykhailiuk and a second round pick (reportedly for 2021) to the Detroit Pistons for Reggie Bullock according to Marc J. Spears.

This move was obviously to fill a need for an athletic shooter that brings experience to a lineup that is plainly moving from the youth movement. Social Media was ablaze with jokes on the LeBron James demolition act on the roster.

The Lakers front office may not get Anthony Davis, but they did a great job of flipping Svi, who had been struggling in all aspects of shooting all season, for a player in Bullock who is averaging 12.1 points, 2.8 rebounds and 2.1 assists. Plus here’s the main reason the Lakers wanted him in the first place.

Reggie Bullock shoots nearly 39 percent from three-point range on six shots per game. The caveat for the Lakers is Bullock’s contract expires at the end of the year which means in Magic Johnson‘s world…

The salary cap space is safe…YES!

There will be plenty of fans that will criticize the move stating that Mykhailiuk did not have time to develop and the Lakers gave up on a young prospect.


This deal is a steal for the Lakers. The Pistons are a team on the decline and Reggie Bullock is probably their best young prospect. Again, it provides flexibility and options on a bench that is deteriorating like a sand castle with the tide rolling in from the Pacific Ocean.

With two bench players in Michael Beasley and JaVale McGee having issues with Luke Walton and his rotation patterns (More on that later!), Bullock is a player that he can use coming off the bench or as a starter, where he was in Detroit.

Plus, he can be a fill-in for Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, who could be on the move in the next couple of days. The Houston Rockets scenario is unlikely considering the Rockets are looking to acquire Alec Burks from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Let’s take a look at the Lakers shiny new toy…Reggie Bullock!