Los Angeles Lakers have turned into dysfunctional organization

Los Angeles Lakers, Luke Walton (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)
Los Angeles Lakers, Luke Walton (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images) /

The Los Angeles Lakers are a complete disaster right now and the entire organization should be to blame.

The Los Angeles Lakers have become something that I never believed would be the case this far into the season; dysfunctional.

One of the major concerns, when LeBron James signed with the Lakers, was that he was going to be the primary facilitator of getting his teammates traded should he ever feel like they are just simply not capable of playing on his level and helping him to a championship.

The Lakers, at one point, were the 4th seed in the Western Conference, but a multitude of injuries to key players such as LeBron James and Lonzo Ball has dropped them all the way to the 10th seed in the west.

But that’s not the issue.

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Ever since these Anthony Davis trade rumors started, the general consensus was that the Lakers were going to have to part ways with their entire crop of young players in order to make a deal happen.

A year ago, some of these same young players were deemed “untouchable” by Magic Johnson, who could have landed other superstar players such as Kawhi Leonard or Paul George had Magic been willing to part ways with his players.

At the end of the day, Magic Johnson is the President of Basketball Operations for the Los Angeles Lakers, and it is his job to put together a team that he feels can be competitive enough to win an NBA Championship, no matter what it takes to accomplish this.

But, after the Lakers recent 42-point blowout loss to the Indiana Pacers, its become apparent that the Lakers have been flat out embarrassing, atrocious, and yes, dysfunctional.

Even though the players will not admit it, I believe that the ongoing trade discussions involving all of the young players are a major distraction for all of them.

I was wary going into this game against the Indiana Pacers, and while I did not expect them to get blown out by 42 points, there were other things that I saw from the game that just absolutely made me sick to my stomach.

Such as this video taken by Rob Perez and shared on Twitter.

And I’m sure we have all seen the photo of LeBron sitting at the end of the bench four chairs away from his nearest teammate.

These two things, coupled in with the blowout, are major causes for concern.

Now, the Lakes are in a situation where if they do make a trade for Anthony Davis, then you are essentially giving up depth and banking on another superstar choosing to join the Lakers in free agency, which it doesn’t seem likely that someone will come.

On the other hand, if the Lakers don’t make a trade, then now the environment around LeBron and the young guys becomes strained because the young core has to play the rest of the season knowing that they were only a hair away from getting dealt in a deal just months prior.

It’s making everyone feel uneasy, and with the Lakers on the outside looking in, in terms of the playoffs, the Lakers are in a really terrible position and the entire organization is to blame.

Between Luke Walton‘s inconsistent coaching, Magic Johnson’s poor team building skills, and a superstar player who talked months ago about the potential of his patience wearing thin, it seems as though everyone has had a hand in this severely underwhelming season so far.

Its gotten to the point where there is a legitimate fear that the Lakers could miss the playoffs entirely.

There is still time for them to turn things around, but it is going to take some serious team building and might even take something in the form of a players-only meeting.

I’m in favor of whatever gets this team back on track, but at this point, the Lakers as an organization are so discombobulated, and it’s going to take something drastic to turn things around.

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With the All-Star break coming soon, hopefully, they can use this event to reboot and adjust their mindset and mentality going into the final stretch of the season.