Los Angeles Lakers: What fans can expect from Mike Muscala

Los Angeles Lakers, Mike Muscala (Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images)
Los Angeles Lakers, Mike Muscala (Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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Los Angeles Lakers
Los Angeles Lakers, Mike Muscala (Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images) /

The Los Angeles Lakers acquired Mike Muscala prior to the trade deadline. What can fans expect from the newest Laker?

Up until 3 pm on Thursday afternoon, the Los Angeles Lakers news everyone pretty much wanted to hear was that New Orleans Pelicans actually picked up the phone and had a two-way conversation about making a counter offer for Anthony Davis.

Lake Show Life already knew that was not going to happen in two weeks.

Fortunately for Lakers fans, the front office knew that as well and pursued other options. After trading for Reggie Bullock on Tuesday after getting rolled by the Indiana Pacers, the front office followed that up by trading Michael Beasley and Ivica Zubac to the Los Angeles Clippers for Mike Muscala.

The deal was reported by Adrian Wojnarowski.

It’s been a long time since these two teams did any business. The last time these two franchises made a deal was way back in 1983. That deal sent very popular point guard Norm Nixon, Eddie Jordan and a future draft pick to the Clippers for Byron Scott, Swen Nater (guess who stuck in this trade!) and a draft pick.

The Reggie Bullock trade looked very promising. This deal, on the other hand, has another plan in mind. The Lakers made this move to open up a roster spot. In my opinion, barring some serious laziness by this individual, look for this guy to fill the roster spot.

If this does happen and Carmelo Anthony joins the team, this really had better work. Ivica Zubac was really coming into his own and would have been a very valuable player for the playoff run. I totally get the Lakers need shooting. But Muscala is now on his third team in like six months.

Here are some highlights of his career high in scoring when he was in Atlanta.

What the Lakers will sell the fans is Muscala is a stretch five that will space the floor. Okay, that’s fine but, Mike Muscala is not shooting as well as Reggie Bullock has this year.

He is only shooting 34 percent from 3-point country on four attempts. To put this in perspective, the Lakers let Brook Lopez, who would have come back if given the choice, walk out the door with just memories of the time left behind.

Muscala barely got traded from the Sixers in the Tobias Harris trade before being moved again. Lopez is playing some good ball in Milwaukee contributing outside shooting to the point he has a nickname, “Splash Mountain”.

Ivica Zubac will probably walk to the Clippers starting lineup. Michael Beasley may have to walk out. The Clippers are probably going to waive him and he’ll be a free agent.

Hopefully, the locker room incident with the Lakers doesn’t mess up his chances on the buyout market. That is one of the things you can expect to see from Muscala on the roster.