Lakers Rumors: Analyzing Jason Kidd as a head coach

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Los Angeles Lakers Rumors

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Reports of recent Lakers rumors are that the Los Angeles Lakers might be interested in Jason Kidd. How has he done as a head coach so far?

Well, it seems that Los Angeles Lakers rumors will be the engine running Lake Show Life after the Los Angeles Lakers were officially dismissed from playoff contention by the Brooklyn Nets on Friday night.

Well, it seems that the Lakers always have rumors to steal the NBA headlines. It makes one wonder how many rumors will be floating around during the NBA playoffs with LeBron James either watching the games from home or accepting Charles Barkley‘s invitation to join TNT.

The biggest narrative surrounding any Lakers rumors after April 14th (the start of the NBA playoffs!) will be about the coaching replacement of Luke Walton when he gets fired after the season.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, it seems that Jason Kidd is in “serious consideration” for the Lakers job after Walton’s ouster.

But take a gander at Woj’s colleague, Marc Spears’ tweet that shines the light on possible college options that Jason Kidd has at his disposal. This tweet should tell the Lakers front office all they need to know.

Jason Kidd does not need to be the next coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. Let’s discern the tweet, shall we?

In college, universities have to get those coaches locked up as soon as possible because potential recruits are paying attention as well. If the University of California locks up their most famous player to coach their team, it is a selling point to the major blue chippers leading into the next season.

Jason Kidd does not want to coach college. He wants to coach the Lakers. He is using this college opportunity as a bargaining chip which means he is the still the same opportunist that will manipulate and cause havoc in the front office just like he did in Brooklyn the one year that he coached and his underachieving tenure in Milwaukee.

Lakers fans, I am well aware of the business model of your basketball team. Make a splash by getting big name free agents and coaches. I’m going on record telling Magic Johnson, Rob Pelinka and especially Jeanie Buss, do your homework extensively and move on to someone else!

The Lakers do not need a big name to coach next year. They need somebody to coach the “big name”, LeBron James. I get Jason Kidd is a Hall of Fame point guard that is a world champion (2011 over LeBron’s Miami Heat) and the only NBA player that has never lost an Olympic game. Then, there’s that narrative that he can get Lonzo to the next level with his “Point God” experience.

Well, there’s already one of those in the front office in Magic Johnson. How well has that turned out this season?

Lake Show Life has already stated that Tyronn Lue should (…and most likely will!) be the logical choice, 30 seconds after he was fired by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

We are not going to deal with the personal stuff that many other sites may get into, this discussion will deal with only his basketball history.

Introducing Lakers’ coaching candidate, Jason Kidd!

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