Los Angeles Lakers: Time to admit LaVar Ball was right about the Lakers

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Los Angeles Lakers
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The Los Angeles Lakers are a mess right now. Could LaVar Ball had been right, again, about the organization?

The Los Angeles Lakers, at this point, hand out so much content, it’s not about finding something to write about anymore this offseason, it’s about figuring out which subject to write about FIRST!

When writers from all platforms of media signed on to write for the Lakers this year, most thought the subject would be breaking down first-round matchups for the playoffs. Making predictions on how far the team would go in the playoffs was a foregone conclusion when LeBron James came to town. In most people’s minds, the Los Angeles Lakers were back, baby!

To paraphrase LeBron James, nobody signed up for this. Anyone that says they saw this colossal disaster loses any every bit of credit-ability to do this job.

On the last night of the season, Magic Johnson shocked the sports world (Not just the NBA, but sports in general) by resigning his position as President of Basketball Operations.

It was the press conference that seemingly no one knew about. Not Jeanie Buss, not LeBron James, reportedly not even the NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, who talked about the situation at the Board of Governors press conference on Friday.

Speaking of Friday, the Los Angeles Lakers made more news. After leaving Luke Walton around long enough to do the menial “Exit interview” work of the players, the Lakers fired Walton. This was mildly surprising considering that Jeanie Buss stuck by him for so long and that was one of the reasons Magic stated he was quitting in the first place.

Now everybody is trying to figure out where did the Lakers going wrong? How did it get to be so bad? Well, somebody tried to tell you. You may not want to admit it, but the man known for speaking things into existence did it again.

Yes, LaVar Ball, the father of Lonzo Ball, the man NBA fans and media alike love to hate. He got Lonzo Ball in a Lakers uniform and around the trade deadline when the Lakers put on a full court press for Anthony Davis, LaVar Ball was doing a little bit of “Press” of his own. He went on FS1’s Undisputed with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe and provided insight to everything wrong that is coming out now!

Everyone has their favorite reality show. LaVar Ball is mine. Not that Facebook show he was pawning off on everybody. Just LaVar Ball himself. I actually thought about a Lake Show Life segment just for him! Then he went overseas and out of the spotlight.

Two things before we get started because there is an art form to reading between the lines of pure trash talkers. You really have to pay attention.

Number one, this is not about the demise of the Big Baller Brand. People who want to dismiss LaVar’s message about what is going on behind the Lakers curtain will bring this up. Failed business ventures have nothing to do with discerning if a man is telling the truth or not. For the record, Lake Show Life covered it, and that ship has passed.

Number two, yes LaVar Ball was running interference so Lonzo Ball wouldn’t get traded. He does this all the time. He knew that Lonzo Ball had to be on the table for any deal to go down. He was making moves for Lonzo and his other sons. We get that.

There is a coincidence that Lakers fans should look at. As soon as trade rumors get out, Lonzo Ball seems to be closer to the surgery table. Let’s get started.