News Flash: Nothing has really changed in the Lakers front office

Los Angeles Lakers, Magic Johnson, Rob Pelinka (Photo by Scott Varley/Digital First Media/Torrance Daily Breeze via Getty Images)
Los Angeles Lakers, Magic Johnson, Rob Pelinka (Photo by Scott Varley/Digital First Media/Torrance Daily Breeze via Getty Images) /

Mainstream media will have you believe a whole lot has changed in the Los Angeles Lakers’ front office, but that is not the case. The finger is pointing at the front office now and not LeBron James.

The narrative in the media is that the Los Angeles Lakers’ front office is a joke, that there is no President and the Rambis couple has taken over everything.

Most media like Brian Windhorst and Stephen A Smith, if you are using them as your source for Lakers information, will have you believe it is a total mess and sh** show!

News Flash! Nothing has changed, except the fact that Magic Johnson can do more good outside of the front office than in the front office. Also, Frank Vogel has replaced Luke Walton as head coach, with Jason Kidd as his lead assistant.

Facts according to ESPN writers Ohm Youngmisuk and Dave McMenamin:

Jeanie Buss

Jeanie Buss is still the controlling owner of the Los Angeles Lakers. She has been forced to be more involved in the day-to-day running of the franchise after Magic Johnson relinquished his position as President.

Jeanie had given the reigns to Pelinka and Johnson, took a hands-off approach. Going forward it may be a good idea to forge a great relationship with her newest star, LeBron James.

Magic Johnson

No more fines. No more scrutiny. No more responsibility. Just free to tweet away at or talk to any player, coach or media that would benefit the Lakers. Perfect!

Magic Johnson is still in the mix helping Jeanie run the Lakers organization. But now, he can do it from the outside. There are no rules for him to talk to anyone, there are no rules for him at all when it comes to the Lakers. And, he doesn’t have the responsibility and backlash from fans either.

He threw it out the window. But what he did not throw out the window was his power, and it has only increased. Buss and Magic were publically seen having lunch or meeting together earlier this month.

Neither Magic or Buss have said or acted like there is a problem between them. Could it all have been planned?

Rob Pelinka

Pelinka is still the general manager and holds the highest-ranking position under Buss. He has been trusted by the Lakers organization and owner Jeanie Buss because Pelinka was Kobe Bryant‘s agent. Bryant played for the Lakers for 20 years between 1996-2016. That’s a long-time relationship.

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Pelinka and Kobe Bryant are best friends according to these writers.

Kurt Rambis

Lakers great Kurt Rambis has been in the Lakers front office officially since Magic came on board. More importantly, he has been around for decades as a player, a Lakers assistant coach, a Knicks associate coach and more.

He was hired by Johnson in September 2018, as a Senior Basketball Advisor. He is a former assistant GM under the most decorated NBA head coach Phil Jackson, with whom Youngmisuk and Dave McMenamin say he’s still close friends with.

Linda Rambis

Surprise! Jerry Buss hired Linda Rambis, then Linda Zafrani, “When he purchased the Lakers in 1979.”

She has known Jeanie since she was in high school and worked with her while she attended college. Linda met Jerry when she managed the Playboy Club (Formerly in Century City). Linda met Kurt when Kurt started playing for the Lakers and when she shared an office with Jeanie. So Linda pre-dates Kurt.

Mrs. Rambis has roughly 40 years of experience and friendship with Jeanie. The Lakers have won 10 NBA Championships out of their 16 total during that time. It’s no wonder the two are friends. Linda comes from the Jerry Buss era, so she could have some great insight into what Buss Sr. would have wanted as well.

Why some in the media and a ton of fans think that someone with that much experience, married to Kurt with all of his experience, couldn’t help make huge decisions (as if she never has) is unthinkable.

Is it because she is a woman? Do people not understand her history? It is probably the latter. Wouldn’t two men who have known and worked together for 40 years be okay and well regarded in the relationship/political run NBA be fully accepted?

Youngmisuk and Dave McMenamin wrote that LeBron “‘liked’ several Instagram posts touting the Vogel/Kidd hires over the weekend.” So don’t think James fingerprints are not on the acceptance of these coaches.

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And it may have been his upsetness that probably caused the parting of coach Luke Walton. Who knows really. But in the end, or the new beginning, it’s all smoke and mirrors. The same people are still running the Lakers. The media and fans need to find people to point fingers at and the Rambis couple is a likely target.