Los Angeles Lakers: LaVar Ball reacts to news of Lonzo trade

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LaVar Ball reacted to the Los Angeles Lakers trading his son Lonzo Ball while taping the second episode of their Facebook series at LaMelo Ball’s game at the Drew League.

The Los Angeles Lakers reported trade to acquire Anthony Davis has been discussed everywhere, including the famed Drew League.

The Drew League is a unique league located at King Drew High School in Compton, California. Top-rated high school, NCAA, NBA, NBA G League and International pro players all take part. LaMelo Ball made his debut last weekend among a flurry of fans. They had to stop the inflow at the doors and limited the media to just a few regulars.

In the Front Row host, Fredo Cervantes, was there to catch LaVar Ball’s reaction to his son Lonzo Ball being traded in a monster deal to the New Orleans Pelicans.

Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted his Woj Bomb on Twitter and all hell broke loose. It took seconds for George Preciado to learn of the news. George is the famous in-game announcer of the Drew League.

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He will let you know when NBA royalty walks in the gym, “Swaggy P is in the building. Most hated is in the building,” is something that you hear quite often. After the trade news hit, George, and I am paraphrasing here, said, “Anthony Davis was just traded to Lakers for Lonzo Ball.”

LaVar and Lonzo quickly got on the phone according to Cervantes, and the gym was abuzz. Lamelo’s game had not yet started. What a way to learn of a trade involving your son from a team you and he dreamed he would play for. And, if you are LaVar, all your sons would be playing for, the hometown team (the Balls are from Chino Hill, California, close to Los Angeles).

It didn’t take long for Cervantes and other media to find LaVar and they stayed close by to hear snippets of what he was saying. At first, Cervantes heard LaVar say that Lonzo can play with anyone and that, “All my boys will be in the NBA.”

Then, he followed the senior Ball outside where a media scrum took place. Now, we don’t know if the LA Times was already there or if they quickly drove to King Drew High School when they heard the news, but Cervantes and others started videotaping and asking questions.

There were so many one-liners we cannot list them all. We could but we couldn’t stop laughing long enough to ever get this post ready for publications.

Let’s just say that LaVar feels that LeBron is washed up and Anthony Davis and Bron Bron will never get a title. He also warns AD that Hollywood isn’t everything he thinks it will be.

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Will you miss LaVar Ball? Well, New Orléans, he’s yours now, and unfortunately for Lakers fans, so is Lonzo.