Los Angeles Lakers: 3 Superstars to pursue in free agency

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Los Angeles Lakers
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Klay Thompson

While Klay is currently recuperating from a torn ACL, which he picked up in Game 6 of the NBA Finals, it is not out of the realm of possibility that the Lakers take a chance on a wounded Thompson, who should be able to play at some point next season.

In Klay Thompson you get one of the greatest 3-point shooters in NBA history. Klay is an unassuming Superstar, he does not seek the limelight but does not shy away from it when it comes his way. On any other team that doesn’t have Steph Curry on it, Klay would get a lot more recognition for his historic 3-point shooting. With the Lakers, Klay would be far and away the best shooter on the team.

Add onto all of this that Klay is a borderline All-Defensive team caliber defender, you get one of the most well rounded two way players in the NBA. So why would Klay leave the Golden State Warriors? A team he has been able to win 3 NBA Championships with and form one of the most dynamic guard pairings in NBA History?

Well nothing lasts forever, With Kevin Durant heading for the exit door, Steph Curry in his early 30’s and Draymond Green no longer being the defensive or offensive leader he once was, it seems that the Golden State Warriors might be on a decline in the coming years. However, with reports being that the Warriors plan to offer Klay a max deal, he may not take any other meetings.

While LeBron is getting up there in age, the Lakers offer Thompson a chance to compete for years to come with LeBron and Davis and when the time comes for LeBron to step away and retire, the Lakers will put themselves in a position to create space for a third superstar to join the Lakers ranks. The Lakers never reboot, they reload.

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So who will the Lakers land? Will they land any max free agent? Or will they use the cap space they have to build a deeper roster? Only time will tell. One thing is for certain, the coming days are going to be very interesting. Get your popcorn, its about to begin.