Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: The man in the middle for Cleveland Cavaliers west

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There have been plenty of Los Angeles Lakers rumors with NBA Free Agency just hours away. If they add a third max player, these centers are options to make them into the Cleveland Cavaliers west.

Los Angeles Lakers rumors have already been persistent and will only pick up once free agency actually begins. I’m going let the Los Angeles Lakers fans in on a little secret.

When reports exploded that the team achieved its goal of getting to the $32 million dollar salary cap threshold needed by not only trading Isaac Bonga, Moritz Wagner and Jemerrio Jones to the Washington Wizards, but got Anthony Davis to waive his $4 million dollar trade kicker, I realized something.

The Lakers have a legitimate plan in place and may have finally figured out the way to execute it!

I guess this interview at the NBA Awards earlier this week carries a lot more weight now than it did then.

If things go well and the Lakers land a third star, it might be a defining moment in the turnaround of the Lakers.


Check out the last part of what Ms. Buss’ statement, “but I can’t talk about it because of NBA rules.”

The Lakers have made their fair share of mistakes, something that Lake Show Life pointed out in great detail over this past season. But now it seems that the team is starting to learn from them.

A lot of people around the NBA underestimated Rob Pelinka and the Lakers front office. What this franchise has done in six weeks is nothing short of historical. Sunday is going to surprise a lot of people. I mean at this point, how many people would be shocked if the Lakers DID NOT land a star in free agency?

Well, Kawhi Leonard falls under that category. It seems that the Lakers now will have a meeting with him and his camp real soon.

Guess who he would like to talk to.

If you need confirmation on who the Johnson person Ramona Shelburne is talking about, that would be Magic Johnson. So much for all that “quitter” and “coward” stuff that Lakers fans dumped on him every time the man sent out a tweet.

As for that “tampering” stuff, it seems that the Lakers have mastered the rules on that too.

While all of that is being figured out, it seems that LeBron James and Anthony Davis will meet with Kawhi Leonard for dinner, Daddy daycare day for the kids, Fourth of July cookout.

Now, am I saying that the Lakers will land Kawhi Leonard as the final piece to the “super team”? Uhh no, not a chance. Nobody knows until Leonard makes his decision. Anybody that says they do is lying.

Kawhi Leonard just does not talk. Lakers rumors on this website were built off this guy the second he wanted out of San Antonio.

What I am saying is that the Lakers sat for weeks in silence enduring fans protesting in front of the Staples Center.

The embarrassment of the ESPN article about the total dysfunction of the front office throughout the year…

Even the constant questions of who was running the franchise when the Lakers hired their 74th, I mean third, choice in Frank Vogel as head coach.

Now the Lakers are entering free agency with a ton of options that will improve the roster along with a direction that everyone has seemingly signed off on.

Lake Show Life is in the middle of an in-depth series on how to build this squad in the image of LeBron James on a shoestring budget. Part one was about getting guards on the roster.

Part two was all about small forwards. It shines the light on who the Lakers fans realistically may see next season running on the wings.

Now Lake Show Life will be taking a look at the center spot. It kind of brings back memories of how the Lakers cleared cap space and landed a star center in the past…