Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: The man in the middle for Cleveland Cavaliers west

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Los Angeles Lakers rumors
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Somebody has to take the 15th man role right?

Think this can’t happen Lakers fans? Let’s see here. Let’s answer a few questions.

How did Rob Pelinka get the job as GM?

Oh, that right! He’s Kobe Bryant’s agent. That means he has some influence on the organization. He’s in the hierarchy of Lakers that Jeanie Buss listens to. Okay, let’s keep going.

What did Pau Gasol accomplish at the end of the last decade?

Yep, he was a major part of the back-to-back championships that marked the last time the Lakers really were contenders. What’s the point?

The point is the Lakers believe in the moniker. once a Laker, always a Laker. Gasol is at the end of his career. If he comes back, I believe this is his last year in the NBA.

Why not bring him back to be a strong locker room presence. If called upon, he is a capable low post scorer and can stretch the defense out by knocking down shots from distance.

I really don’t see the Bucks keeping Pau Gasol on the roster so it’s almost certain that he will be searching for a team if he doesn’t retire. Here’s where the Lakers come in.

The Mike D’Antoni tenure was a disaster to the point that Gasol wanted nothing more to do with the franchise. What better way to smooth things over by bringing him back for one more year and try to get him a championship before he retires.