Los Angeles Lakers: 3 waive candidates if they upgrade bench via free agency

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Los Angeles Lakers
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If the Los Angeles Lakers decide to sign some veterans to improve their contending team they will have to choose whom of their current players let go.

With the trade deadline around the corner, this is a frenetic time of the year for the Los Angeles Lakers and general managers around the league who intend to put the final touches to the roster via trade. While losing teams try to unload big contracts and get future assets, this might be the last chance for contenders to orchestrate a move to get a big name to boost their championship aspirations.

Although this is the last chance to execute a trade, this is not the last opportunity to add a piece who can contribute to the quest for the championship, especially for loaded teams with no flexibility left to maneuver the salary cap.

Free agents can still be signed to the veteran minimum as long as there is a spot available on the roster. Sometimes, this kind of last-minute adds allows finding hidden gems left in the open market or already proven players just cut by other teams, that reveal themselves really critical to a contender’s hopes.

The buyout market is mostly consumed right after the expiring of the trade deadline when undesired players part of trade packages get released.

This year the Los Angeles Lakers will have to take a long and deep look at the buyout market. For the first time in years, they are in the running for the championship and have built this roster to win immediately. Everyone considered helpful and able to increase their chances to win the ultimate prize will be added with no hesitation.

Many pointed to the need of a playmaker who can lead the team scoring and creating for others while LeBron James sits on the bench. Many names have been made as possible candidates, both via trade or free agency. Other needs might be addressed according to Rob Pelinka’s judgment.

Rumors of Darren Collison coming out of retirement to join the Lakers have been swirling around the league, while Andre Iguodala remains the ultimate prize for every team if the Memphis Grizzlies decide to waive him. Anyway, we cannot know who else will be available on the market until the Trade Deadline passes on February, 6th.

Unfortunately the Lakers have a full 15-man roster and adding a new player would mean sacrificing someone to make room for the new one. It will be a hard decision for Pelinka to choose a member of this cohesive team, which has built a great chemistry and formed a strong bond so far in the season, to be waived.

We take a look at three possible options for the vice president of basketball operations.