Los Angeles Lakers: Let the team, fans mourn Kobe Bryant in peace

(Photo by Marco Cantile/LightRocket via Getty Images)
(Photo by Marco Cantile/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

The death of Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant is impacting everyone differently, so the team and fans should be able to mourn in peace.

LeBron James is my current favorite NBA player, but with all due respect to him and Kawhi Leonard, Kobe Bryant is the true king of L.A. athletics.

I can speak from first-hand experience. When I visited the LeBron mural with the other Laker greats near Melrose and Fairfax district of Los Angeles in July of 2018, a Laker fan spotted me in my LeBron shirt and said “Yo!! That piece [mural] is nice, but check this one out!!”

When I went over towards him, I saw the Kobe mural across the street commemorating his last game and career. The details involved in his mural was top notch and awe-inspiring at the same time!!

Whenever there’s an outpouring of love for the death of celebrities, a common argument is “Why show so much love for people that they don’t know?”

Looking at the question at face value, it’s valid for one should love those that they know. However, when one thinks deeper, one has to ask themselves: “Why not love – period?” When one has true love in their heart, love will be freely given – regardless of who receives it.

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In dealing with the death of beloved figures and royalty (and Kobe is basketball royalty), great detail must be taken to ensure that they are properly honored for their life in death.

To many, his death still feels surreal going into its second week. Love and mourning this intense requires a liberal time of mourning that is needed and necessary in order to move forward with the NBA season, and life in general.

Part of the reason why love and mourning are so deep for Kobe is that he was committed to one team for 20 years. People, fans and peers connect with and respect that type of dedication and commitment. Death in general is humbling and hurtful, but to see someone on who gives that type of commitment die resonates beyond the human eye.

The memory of Kobe loomed large in the Lakers’ first game since his death, a 127-119 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers in which Damian Lillard went full Mamba in tribute to him.

Noting that the loss to the Trail Blazers was only the second loss this season to a sub-.500 team, the NBA was right in postponing the Clippers vs. Lakers game on January 28th, therefore preventing additional tragedy by putting unfocused and grieving athletes on the floor. Unfocused athletes become careless. Carelessness can lead to injury.

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It’s proper to give the Los Angeles teams, fans and ANYONE took aback by grief time to mourn. To the city of Los Angeles and its teams (Clippers and Lakers), Kobe fans, NBA fans and organizations, mourn so that you can be blessed and comforted.