Lakers Rumors: 4 Reasons why the Lakers should not sign Dion Waiters

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Dion Waiters
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Dion Waiters is not good enough to help the Los Angeles Lakers.

No one is knocking Rob Pelinka for his due diligence. Nobody saw him landing Markieff Morris when he was bought out by the Detroit Pistons. For that move alone, he should be afforded some trust here. There’s nothing wrong with a meeting. No harm, no foul.

The Lakers have made some interesting choices this season with how the team was built. Nobody thought the last Memphis Grizzlies buyout candidate, Dwight Howard would pan out. Well, Lake Show Life did, but that’s what we do.

They’ve even gone outside of the box in hiring Jason Kidd as an assistant coach in spite of obvious concerns about a proverbial coach-killer as an assistant. Okay, even we missed that one.

The point is the team is proven that they’re more than willing to take chances, but there’s no reason to justify taking this chance. LeBron James claims to know the game of basketball, but he will get a side-eye if he signs off on a move to sign Waiters.

If he was a superstar, why does he find himself bouncing from team to team throughout his career? Even with two years left on his deal, including this year, the Grizzlies decided it was best to part ways with him.

If anyone believes that Dion Waiters will help the Los Angeles Lakers based on this performance (Also read: The only good game he had arguably this season!), so be it.

The Los Angeles Lakers do boast perhaps the strongest leadership in the NBA, with LeBron James and four former head coaches on the bench. Plus, the move would require only cost-cutting a player like Troy Daniels, who at this point is watching games on Spectrum SportsNet because he’s so far out of the rotation.

Dion Waiters could end up being a net positive for the Lakers and, who knows, maybe he’ll start lighting it up like the good ole’ days.

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Or he could the guy that messes up the chemistry that blows the Lakers title chances.