Lake Show Life’s invitation to Spike Lee to be a Los Angeles Lakers fan

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(Photo by Richard Harbaugh - Handout/A.M.P.A.S. via Getty Images) /
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Spike Lee, Los Angeles Lakers
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Spike Lee was involved in an incident in the last New York Knicks game against the Houston Rockets. Lake Show Life has an invitation to Spike Lee. Leave the New York Knicks and join the Los Angeles Lakers Nation. Spike Lee, here’s Lake Show Life’s formal invitation.

Last year, Lake Show Life basically barbecued and skewered the Los Angeles Lakers front office and at times Jeanie Buss for all of the dysfunction surrounding the legendary franchise. From the leaked Luke Walton “meeting” with Magic Johnson seven games in last year, it set off a laundry list of missteps throughout the year with numerous outlets pointing fingers.

There were plenty, but here were the biggest.

After the incident when the New York Knicks played the Houston Rockets in Madison Square Garden on Monday, if Rob Pelinka is not a unanimous choice for NBA Executive of the Year, Lake Show Life will finally give in and say that there are legitimate haters of this franchise around the NBA.

Lakers Nation, we’ll join the fight. No matter how bad things were last year, it does not compare to the New York Knicks.

Man, it wasn’t even relatively close! 

It seems that movie director and Knicks superfan Spike Lee had an incident before the game (click here for the video!) and is now in a serious PR feud with owner James Dolan and his beloved New York Knicks. This video went viral and Spike Lee’s name was trending on Twitter before the game was over. However, he was seen courtside in his seat during the game.

Okay, here’s where the feud starts. Pay attention, this will be messy.

It was treated as one big misunderstanding by the New York Knicks, but after an appearance on ESPN’s “First Take” Tuesday morning, Lee said that not only will he not be attending another Knicks game this season, but that he’s being harassed by the team’s owner.

Spike Lee was on ESPN’s First Take to tell his side of what happened.

Understand this is a man who has been attending games at Madison Square Garden for 28 years (20 of the years the Knicks has been an albatross of the NBA!) and has witnessed the worst basketball team percentage-wise in the NBA over the last seven years.

Despite that sad fact, he is almost always sitting in the court-side seats of MSG with some impressive throwback jerseys supporting orange and blue. Well, not anymore.

The Knicks most famous superfan stated that he’s already given away the rest of his tickets for the last 20 games this season and won’t be attending another game this season. (Writer’s note to Kenneth Teape, did you get the tickets?)

The New York Knicks PR department responded almost immediately to Spike Lee’s claims that he is being “harassed” by Knicks owner, James Dolan, by making their own accusation that the Academy Award-winning director is creating “a false controversy to perpetuate drama.”

"“The idea that Spike Lee is a victim because we have repeatedly asked him to not use our employee entrance and instead use a dedicated VIP entrance — which is used by every other celebrity who enters The Garden — is laughable,” the Knicks said in a statement Tuesday. “He is welcome to come to The Garden anytime via the VIP or general entrance; just not through our employee entrance, which is what he and Jim agreed to [Monday] night when they shook hands.”"

This should have been a new beginning for the Knicks. It should’ve been a celebratory night of hope.

  1. The Knicks after pulling off a huge upset win over the Houston Rockets.
  2. Rookie RJ Barrett had the best game of his young career actually hitting more than one shot in a row.
  3. Plus earlier in the day, the team named Leon Rose as the president of basketball operations.

This incident spread from New York to NBA fans in general questioning how a franchise with a fanbase dwindling by the day with not a superstar in sight wanting to come, could treat its biggest fan with such disrespect.

The embarrassment of the PR nightmare compares directly to the treatment of former NBA star and Knicks icon, Charles Oakley, who was ejected, banned and arrested in February 2017. Oakley, sued MSG and Dolan for alleged assault, battery and false imprisonment, along with defamation of character. Would you believe that the case was just dismissed two weeks earlier?

In the video, Lee can be heard saying:

"“I’m staying here. And if you wanna arrest me like Charles Oakley, go the f— ahead.”"

But here’s the difference between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Knicks. They learned from their mistakes. The Knicks have not.

Spike Lee stated that the Brooklyn Nets reached out to him, but that he isn’t thinking about changing his fandom. Give it time. It’s hard to believe a guy who is from Brooklyn and who, according to ESPN, has spent about $10 million on Knicks tickets over the years will accept this type of disrespect. Even Spike Lee’s old nemesis, Reggie Miller, had jokes via The New York Times.

"“OOOOHHHHH [how] the MIGHTY have fallen, This wouldn’t happen at Bankers Life Fieldhouse,” Maybe finally time to switch your allegiance Spike.”"

Yes, Spike, Reggie Miller is right. It is time to switch allegiances. Bring your allegiance to the West Coast. You need to be a Lakers fan, Spike. The Knicks showed you disrespect? They called you a liar? Hollywood stars don’t have these problems.

Look at all of the benefits you can get being a Lakers fan.