LeBron James: Realistic breakdown of why he will lose the MVP award

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LeBron James
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LeBron James will be part of a major debate while the NBA figures out when or if the season continues. Has he done enough to pass Giannis Antetokounmpo for MVP? Lake Show Life will deal with a reality that Lakers fans will have to accept. There is no way possible that LeBron Jaes will win MVP.

No LeBron James, no AD, no NBA, no sports in general. Anyone miss the Los Angeles Lakers more than the Lake Show Life staff?

As of this writing, no one knows yet whether the 2019-20 NBA season is over. Let’s just pray that Dallas Mavericks Governor, Mark Cuban’s prediction of the NBA return in May is not rebuffed like his complaints of officials.

But if this is it, this will be the end of the most challenging and unprecedented campaigns EVER. The Los Angeles Lakers have given their fans one of the greatest Hollywood comeback stories in the history of sports.

LeBron James resurrected his career from the ashes with his “Revenge Season”. A statement that brought the wolves out to finish his era as the top player in the league. This should be the start of the Lakers’ next glory era in NBA history.

Only that got derailed by international incidents, a world-wide tragedy and a dangerous pandemic.

  • One tweet from Daryl Morey spoke out for advocacy for free speech in China. Coincidentally, the Lakers were in China at the time for two games against the Brooklyn Nets. Games that almost did not happen.
  • The sudden collapse and subsequent death of NBA Commissioner Emeritus David Stern. 
  • The NBA world gets sent to their knees when Lakers icon Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna dies with seven others in a helicopter crash. Hours after LeBron James passes him for 3rd on the NBA’s all-time scoring list.
  • If that wasn’t enough, March 11th is the day that the lights went out on NBA operations for the next couple of months at least.

Now in a period where sports content is at an all-time low for this time period, speculation and debate articles are going to fill the internet until the sports leagues get back in business.

For the NBA, the first discussion on tap will be who will be NBA’s MVP if the season is lost.

Breaking news to Lake Show Life! Jason Whitlock actually sides with LeBron James in this episode. Remember this is the same dude that had a problem with the man spending time with his son in an AAU game.

I think the term was “Sit your a– down!” right? But let’s talk about the 60 voters that he called crazy and won’t jump off Giannis via ESPN.

"In a survey of 70 media members who cover the league, Antetokounmpo was the clear leader in MVP balloting, earning 60 of the 70 possible first-place votes to open a commanding lead over James, who had an equally commanding lead over the rest of the field. To make the balloting process realistic, ESPN sought to mimic the league’s official voting process as closely as possible. Our MVP voting panel includes a mixture of local beat writers from across the league, as well as national and international reporters, just as the NBA’s does at the conclusion of the regular season. And, to conform to the NBA’s voting system, every first-place vote is worth 10 points, followed by seven for second place, five for third, three for fourth and one for fifth. Using that rubric, Antetokounmpo led the way with 670 of a possible 700 points, as he was listed in second place behind James on the 10 ballots where he wasn’t listed first. James, meanwhile, was second with 514 points, and was either first or second on 68 of the 70 submitted ballots, finishing third on one and fourth on another."

The quote from ESPN that was laid out is a long-winded way of saying what Lake Show Life can say in one sentence.

LeBron James has no chance in the world to win the MVP. 

The game is over, LeBron and his fans have the right to appeal on social media because simply for this season Giannis Antetokounmpo had a bigger impact this season. When the announcement happens, the shock will be unwarranted.

Giannis Antetokounmpo was the odds-on favorite all season long to capture his second straight Most Valuable Player award. Up until his knee injury against the Lakers (More on that later!) He was the 2-way monster of a team that was on pace to win 70 games. Antetokounmpo’s case is airtight.

To the credit of the King’s play, think about how well the man was playing for the media to spin the narrative of LeBron James being an underdog.

Speaking of narratives, let’s start there. Lake Show Life breaks down why LeBron James has no chance of winning the MVP.