Los Angeles Lakers: 5 players who may not be back for 2020-21 season

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2. Rajon Rondo

Arguably the weakest part of the Lakers roster right now is the backup point guard spot. LeBron James has been masterful as the starting point guard, but with virtually all the teams he has played on, when he comes off the court, the team’s production tanks. Part of that responsibility falls on Rajon Rondo.

Expecting Rondo to keep up the production of James would be unfair. It is not something anyone in the world can do. However, Rondo has been a weak link more often than not this season.

His shooting is still very inconsistent, making it easier for teams to defend him as they dare him to shoot the ball. While he can still lead an offense, whatever positive impact he makes with his playmaking is erased by his defense.

It has been eight years since Rondo made an All-Defensive team. His defensive win shares on Basketball-Reference is the lowest number of his career for a season in which he has played at least half of the games. His 108 defensive rating is the second-worst mark of his career, with only last season’s performance with the Lakers being worse.

Since coming to Los Angeles, Rondo has seemingly forgotten how to play defense. This is a position that the team has looked to upgrade this season, as well. They showed interest in Derrick Rose prior to the NBA trade deadline but ultimately had no realistic shot at landing him. Los Angeles also pursued the retired Darren Collison, who decided to remain retired.

The only thing keeping Rondo from being No. 1 on this list is that he has a player option for the 2020-21 season. He will likely pick that option up, but it shouldn’t deter the organization from looking to upgrade the position and moving on from Rondo as their backup point guard.