Could the Los Angeles Lakers reunite with Lonzo Ball?

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Lonzo back on the Los Angeles Lakers

It’s as if LaVar spoke it into existence! Big Baller back on the Los Angeles Lakers.

LaVar has kept quiet with Lonzo in New Orleans, choosing to focus on LaMelo and the upcoming NBA draft, lets hope that continues.

Lonzo back on the Los Angeles Lakers would be a wonderful get for the Lakers. They get their former lottery pick back without having to give up his good friend Kyle Kuzma.

The Lakers get an excellent defensive guard with great length and improving jump shot and most importantly, they get the secondary playmaker behind LeBron James that they crave.

Lonzo also gives the purple and gold one more unexpected thing. A backup plan.

If the Los Angeles Lakers whiff in the Summer of 2021 and miss out on Giannis (which is a real possibility), the purple and gold will have added insurance in the form of Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma as the fall-back plan.

At best they develop and the Lakers will have two young stars to put around AD long term and beside LeBron and AD short term.

At worst, the Lakers will have two trade pieces towards getting another star on the Lakers and if the Lakers can keep Lonzo and Kuz’s contracts at acceptable levels, they can be easily traded when the time comes to chase another star in free agencies going forward.

Bringing Lonzo back to the Lakers also gives both Lonzo and Kyle Kuzma the best opportunity to succeed.

Both Kuzma and Ball played the best basketball of their careers while both were teammates.

They had a great connection on and off the court that allowed them to find each other on the court and led to both playing great basketball.

Bringing them both back together could lead to the Lakers have one of the best 2nd units in the league.

Lonzo would be a starter for the Lakers but he would also get minutes with the 2nd unit while LeBron is off the floor. This would allow for there to be minimal fall off in terms of playmaking and the Laker’s second unit would have a playmaker capable of getting them the open looks they need.

The Lakers would also maintain a big line-up in crunch time with Lonzo standing at 6 foot 6.