The most expensive LeBron James NBA Top Shot needs a mortgage

LeBron James Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
LeBron James Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports /

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is not only the face of the Lakers, not only the face of the NBA but is the face of American sports. There is not a single athlete in America that has the kind of impact and reach that LeBron James has.

LeBron is also the face of NBA Top Shot. For those unaware, NBA Top Shot is an online collection database that features various moments in the NBA that basketball fans can collect.

Every moment is created and backed by blockchain, which is the same technology behind bitcoin. Think baseball cards but instead of being a picture that you hold in your hand it is a moment that you can view online. Each moment is made only a specific number of times, which influences how much the moment is worth.

For example, the most expensive Anthony Davis NBA Top Shot moment is not his buzzer-beater from the Western Conference Finals, which is his most iconic moment with the Lakers. In fact, there are several NBA Top Shot moments that are worth more than that moment as they are rarer.

The most expensive LeBron James NBA Top Shot moment requires its buyers to take out a mortgage.

People have paid millions of dollars for sports cards and NBA Top Shot is on that trajectory as well. Right now, the most expensive LeBron James NBA Top Shot moment has a low asking price of a modest $213,000.

That is a comma, not a decimal.

For the same price as the average home in the state of Texas, Laker fans can purchase one of just 59 moments made of a now-infamous LeBron James dunk. You know, this one:

Ironically enough, this is not the most expensive NBA Top Shot moment that is on the maket. LeBron James comes in second place in that regard as second-year point guard Ja Morant beats him out by $27,000.

The Morant moment is a poster dunk that he threw down over Aron Baynes from his rookie season and only 50 moments were made compared to the 59 that were made for LeBron’s dunk.

The cheapest LeBron James NBA Top Shot moment still costs a pretty penny. For $195, you could own one of 35,000 moments made for a LeBron assist to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope earlier this season against the Houston Rockets.

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NBA Top Shot is taking the collecting world by storm and any LeBron James fans that want to get into the game are going to have to pay a pretty penny.