The Lakers will suffer if Frank Vogel doesn’t make these 3 rotation changes

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(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers have been extremely disappointing thus far this season and there are no signs of things going in a better direction. While there is a lot of basketball left to play, the Lakers better hope they figure it out and establish their identity before it is to late.

This is a team that was believed to be the consensus favorites in the Western Conference and they are playing like they are barely deserving of being in the play-in tournament. Los Angeles has a losing record at the time of writing this despite having the sixth-easiest schedule in the NBA thus far.

The Lakers rank 25th in Basketball-Reference‘s Simple Rating System (making them the 25th best team in the league) and 24th in net rating. All signs are pointing to this being a mediocre basketball team.

Whether it is the awkward fit with Russell Westbrook or the rotation players not showing up to play this season, the Lakers have been struggling. Head coach Frank Vogel has been caught in the crosshairs as well, with many fans wanting his seat to heat up.

Personally, I would put more of the blame on Rob Pelinka than Frank Vogel. Regardless, Vogel has been far from perfect.

Frank Vogel needs to make rotation changes or the Los Angeles Lakers will continue to suffer.

The regular season is a feeling-out process and I am all for the head coach experimenting with different lineups at different points to help establish the team’s identity for the playoffs. However, we are nearly 25% through the season and the Lakers have a losing record. It is time to buckle up.

These changes won’t completely change the team and suddenly help the Lakers realize their potential, but they can help put them in the right direction. Let’s dive into the three rotation tweaks that Vogel should make.

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