Anthony Davis’ odd behavior is sadly overshadowing LeBron James’ historic night

LeBron James broke an NBA record that nobody ever thought would be broken on Thursday night. With a fadeaway jumper late in the third quarter, LeBron James scored his 35th and 36th points of the night to pass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the most points in NBA history.

It was a very special night with countless legends congratulating LeBron for his historic effort. Regardless of your opinion on LeBron, it is always great to see history and Tuesday night was special for LeBron and all the NBA fans watching.

It did not seem like it was a special night for Anthony Davis, though. Davis did not have a great game in the Lakers’ loss to the Thunder, but more alarmingly, he seemed like the only person in the building that was not excited for LeBron to break the all-time scoring record.

Anthony Davis’ odd behavior is overshadowing LeBron James.

This is the guy who brought Davis to Los Angeles to win his first (and only) NBA Championship. The same guy that gave him a starring role in ‘Space Jam: New Legacy’ (when I am sure paid well). The same guy who helped get him to his agency so he could get out of New Orleans.

You would think that Davis would be a bit more excited about LeBron breaking the most important record in NBA history. Nobody expects Davis to run on the field and tackle LeBron in excitement but fans expect him to at least pretend like he is happy for his teammate.

LeBron seemed to know something was going on with Davis as well. After breaking the record, LeBron made sure to tell Davis that he loved him while Davis looked like a significant other who still wasn’t over the argument that the couple had four hours earlier. We all know that feeling.

To be fair to Anthony Davis, the Los Angeles Lakers have not been playing great basketball this season and are losing very important games with not much time remaining to make the playoffs.

This very well could have been a situation where Davis’ frustration with the team’s performance boiled over into the public light. Perhaps Davis feels like the team should not be celebrating an individual milestone like this when they cannot even win games consistently. His comments post-game confirm this theory.

Lakers fans are just as frustrated as Davis with the team’s inability to win games. That being said, Davis is the last person that should be getting up on a soap box about the team’s performance on a night when they are celebrating his teammate (and friend, remember).

If Davis cared so much about winning this game then maybe he should have played better. Davis was incredibly passive on the floor and was essentially a non-factor. 13 points and eight rebounds. That is what Davis finished with in this game.

Second of all, Davis is the one that misses 40 games a season with injuries. While that is not his fault, it isn’t a great look when you just missed over a month of action, come back, shrink in the spotlight, and then not give your teammate the proper support on a truly historic night.

This is strange behavior from Anthony Davis but this is not the first time he has started to distance himself from his team. It wouldn’t be completely shocking if Davis pulls a Kyrie Irving, demanding a trade this summer to get out of LeBron James’ shadow.