Lakers’ midseason sharpshooter trade targets to keep an eye on

Corey Kispert, Washington Wizards (Photo by Jess Rapfogel/Getty Images)
Corey Kispert, Washington Wizards (Photo by Jess Rapfogel/Getty Images) /
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Malcolm Brogdon Trail Blazers
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Pricier trade options for the Lakers: 

Terry Rozier – 2023-2024 Salary: $23.2 million | 2022-2023 3 Point%: 32.7 

Rozier is much more than a shooter but has the ability to get hot from beyond the arc quickly. His percentage will not show it, but opponents will always have to respect his outside shot given the high volume he hoists 3’s at (at least 8 attempts a game in each of the last 3 seasons).

Malcolm Brogdon – 2023-2024 Salary: $22.5 million | 2022-2023 3 Point%: 44.4

Regardless of continued intrigue from the crosstown rival Clippers, Brogdon would make a ton of sense as a Laker trade target. He has consistently shown the ability to connect from downtown at a much healthier percentage than his peers.

Myles Turner – 2023-2024 Salary: $21 million | 2022-2023 3 Point%: 37.3

At this point, Turner and the Lakers will basically be tethered together in trade rumors until a partnership prevails. While it may never actually transpire, he remains among the top floor-stretching big men in the league.

Bojan Bogdanovic – 2023-2024 Salary: $20 million | 2022-2023 3 Point%: 41.1

Another of the tenured Laker trade targets, Bogdanovic has been among the top shooters in the NBA for years. If the Pistons continue to pile up losses as they have done in recent memory, he will be among the hottest commodities among contenders in need of some outside touch.

Joe Harris – 2023-2024 Salary : $19.9 million | 2022-2023 3 Point%: 42.6

Also a member of the meddling Pistons, Joe Harris is probably the most lethal sniper of the Pistons’ veteran trio of gunmen. If the Lakers remain patient, they may even be able to snag him without giving anything up later in the season on the annual buyout market.

Buddy Hield – 2023-2024 Salary: $19.3 million | 2022-2023 3 Point%: 42.5

Owning one of the most feared casting arms the game has ever seen, Buddy’s willingness to chuck from deeeepppp can individually alleviate a lot (if not all) of a team’s court congestion. It just seems like it is about time for these two sides to come together, even if right now it is logistically impossible.

Evan Fournier – 2023-2024 Salary: $18.9 million | 2022-2023 3 Point%: 30.7

Fournier’s time in the Big Apple is all but over. While his time in New York has been a nightmare, keep in mind that he shot over 46% on high volume in his brief post-deadline stint with the Celtics in 2020-2021. He has always been regarded for his jump shot, even if the more recent headlines paint him as a poor player which his career has proven him not to be.

Bogdan Bogdanovic – 2023-2024 Salary: $18.7 million | 2022-2023 3 Point%: 40.6 

As long as the Hawks remain a fringe playoff contender, none of their players will be untouchable. Bogdanovic should be among their most sought-after guys, primarily due to his track record of trey-ball success.

Gary Trent Jr – 2023-2024 Salary: $18.6 million | 2022-2023 3 Point%: 36.9

Gary Trent Jr is not only known for his high-volume shooting, but he also combines that with his peskiness as a perimeter defender to bring a lot to a backcourt.

Duncan Robinson – 2023-2024 Salary: $18.2 million | 2022-2023 3 Point%: 32.8

It has been a roller coaster ride for Robinson during his time in Miami. It seems like the team has been trying to get off the high-end contract that they gave him a few years ago the moment that they gave it to him. A change of scenery could work wonders in turning his career around.

Tim Hardaway Jr – 2023-2024 Salary: $17.9 million | 2022-2023 3 Point%: 38.5

When THJ is hot, there are not many others in the league that can raise the temperature as high as he can from outside. Pretty much the definition of a microwave scorer, defenses must always be weary of his pin whenever he is not on the pine.

Davis Bertans – 2023-2024 Salary: $17 million | 2022-2023 3 Point%: 39

Maybe Bertans winds up earning a role in OKC, but that does not seem likely. If/when they do look to find him a new home (or buy him out), do not be shocked when contenders come calling.