Bryce James subtly shares post criticizing Darvin Ham

LeBron's son shared a post on social media calling out the Lakers' coach.
Darvin Ham, Los Angeles Lakers
Darvin Ham, Los Angeles Lakers / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

With the Los Angeles Lakers officially eliminated from the playoffs, big changes could be on the way for the organization. Exit interviews for all the players as well as for Head Coach Darvin Ham were conducted on Wednesday, and a decision on Ham's future is reportedly coming soon.

There is no real indication as to which direction the Lakers are headed. After two seasons as Head Coach, Ham led LA to back-to-back playoff appearances, but went a combined 1-8 against the Denver Nuggets in the postseason. There seemed to be frustrations between him and other Lakers personnel over the course of his tenure, so it is possible the team opts to move in a new direction.

One thing is for sure: Ham has not been without criticism over these last several weeks. As problems continued to mount for the Lakers, many pointed to some of his flaws and shortcomings as primary reasons for the team's failure to live up to expectations. Whether his mistakes have been the biggest problem is up for debate, but social media has been sure to get their jokes off.

In fact, even LeBron James' son, Bryce, has gotten in on the action. On Tuesday, Bryce appeared to repost a video on TikTok poking fun at Darvin Ham.

Bryce James reposted a TikTok about Darvin Ham

The video, originally posted by TikTok user LUHVGO, now has over 900,000 plays and over 200,000 likes. It shows a photo of the cartoon character Arthur (from the show of the same name), smiling with his hands in his pockets. The caption reads "The Nuggets are on a 15-0 run," with the photo jokingly indicating Darvin Ham's response.

This plays into one of the biggest criticisms of Ham's detractors, which is when he chooses to take timeouts. For example, in Game 5 against Denver, the Lakers were up 69-60 in the third quarter and allowed a 14-2 run to the Nuggets, finally calling a timeout when LA went down 74-71.

There have certainly been times where it seemed the Lakers could have used a more timely timeout to help them get things together, and this video pokes fun at Ham choosing to sit idle and let his team feel things out rather than call a timeout. It is no secret plenty of Lakers fans relate to this video, but the fact that LeBron's son does too is a bit interesting.

We have already talked about how one of LeBron's main motivating factors in his offseason choice to either stay with the Lakers or leave could be based around his other son, Bronny, and his next basketball decision. But if his family has negative feelings about Ham and the Lakers choose to keep him, that could potentially play a part in all this as well.