7 Role players Lakers could target to complement LeBron James

These are several players LA could try to pair LeBron with next season.

Chris Paul, D'Angelo Russell
Chris Paul, D'Angelo Russell / Harry How/GettyImages
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The future is still uncertain for the Los Angeles Lakers. After many speculated that the LeBron James era could be coming to a close when trade rumors surrounding him cropped up ahead of the deadline, those talks were put to rest with reassurance from the organization and from James that the two still desire to work together.

But as we know, that could change in short order. LeBron may feel good about being with the Lakers for another season now, but that could change if the team sits on its hands and fails to improve in the upcoming offseason. After all, James will be 40 years old next season and will certainly not want to sit through anything resembling a rebuild.

To ensure LeBron wants to stick around in Los Angeles, the Lakers should look to pursue gettable free agents this summer that will fit well with the aging star. These are some of the role players that make the most sense.


Kyle Lowry

The first category of role player that would suit LeBron well at this point in his career is a reliable playmaking guard. James does not need as many on-ball reps in 2024 as he did in 2014 or even 2019, so a veteran ball-handler with good IQ and court vision should be a top priority for the Lakers.

One of the first players of this type that comes to mind is Kyle Lowry. After agreeing to a buyout with the Charlotte Hornets, Lowry has gone to play for his hometown Philadelphia 76ers.

He is currently on a one-year minimum deal, so LA could likely acquire him for very cheap. One would have to think that recruiting Lowry would not be the hardest task in the world, as plenty of veterans would love to ride out the last season or two of their career in Los Angeles.