Lakers: The Search for All-Star Talent through the NBA Draft

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The Lakers are a team that thrives on star-power.  While it seems that All-Star talent is acquired strictly through free agency, truthfully, it was always done through the draft. Magic Johnson and James Worthy? They were acquired through the draft.  Byron Scott and Kobe Bryant?  They were draft picks acquired through trade.  Sure, the Lakers acquired Shaquille O’Neal through free agency and Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol through trades, but even Dwight Howard was acquired by drafting Andrew Bynum.  

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The Lakers are off to one of the worst starts in franchise history.  With 29 games remaining in the season, the team is holding onto just 13 wins.  If there is any upside to the lack of wins, it is the chance to acquire a top-5 pick through the Phoenix Suns.

So, who is out there?