Lakers Rumors: Philadelphia 76ers Choice For Number 1 Pick ‘Changes Every Day’


The Philadelphia 76ers are confused, and that’s great news for the Los Angeles Lakers

The more time passes, the more the Philadelphia 76ers seem utterly dazed and confused by the position they are currently in. While they thought they’d won the battle when the ping pong balls fell their way, subsequently landing them the first overall pick, it hasn’t been all sunshine and daisies for organization.

Fueled by the constant rumors that Ben Simmons would rather play for the Lakers, which are then countered by reports that, “Everything that we [the Philadelphia 76ers] get with our intel as it relates to Ben is that he would very much like to be selected No. 1,” you have to feel for the organization who will get roasted if they mess this decision up.

Adding to the fray, is the fact that Ben Simmons has now publicly declined to workout for the Sixers, or any other team for that matter, which makes it look like Simmons is sneakily trying to force his way to Hollywood… and that just might happen.

Having just worked out for both the Los Angeles Lakers and the Philadelphia 76ers, Brandon Ingram has obviously made his impression felt as the latter’s general manager, Bryan Colangelo recently had some interesting comments about who they will ultimately take at number one.

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When asked whether or not he “thought the team would pick Ingram over Simmons,” he replied “It changes everyday.” This is extremely far off from rumors just a week ago that the Sixers were leaning heavily towards Simmons and weren’t that concerned by his unwillingness to workout for them.

What Simmons is doing is pretty obvious, but the amount of impact his action, or rather inaction, is causing among the 76ers’ brass is quite amusing nonetheless. It was thought that we’d grown past the days where players bullied their way to the teams they wanted to play for but it appears that day is still alive and well.

Ironically, on a lesser scale, that is similar to what Kobe Bryant did in 1996, practically refusing to play for anyone but the Los Angeles Lakers. Again, on a much lesser, more passive-aggressive scale.

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(H/T to RealGM for the find, you the real MVP)