Los Angeles Lakers: Should LeBron James be given control over organization?

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Even with LeBron James being one of the best players in the world, should he be given complete control over the direction of the Los Angeles Lakers?

The Los Angeles Lakers are in the middle of trying to fill two of the most important positions in any professional sports organization; head coach and president of basketball operations.

As of now, it seems like they are prioritizing finding a head coach over finding a President. To a lot of people, that seems a little backward.

Part of the reason Magic Johnson wanted to get rid of Luke Walton was that Luke was not the coach brought in by him in the first place. However, if the Lakers continue on their current route, then they are creating a similar situation in which the new President will still have a coach whom he did not hire.

But with all of this chaos going on, it begs a different question; who is actually making the decisions in this organization?

Reports have surfaced that the Lakers are going to be interviewing Tyronn Lue, Monty Williams and Juwan Howard about their vacant head coaching position, with Lue being the favorite, seeing as though he has played and won a championship with LeBron James.

But some in the organization feel that hiring Lue would give the impression that LeBron James is the guy running and dictating all of the moves for the Lakers. I personally believe that the Lakers should think twice about making that kind of decisions.

If I’m being real here, I truly believe that LeBron James has not earned the right to come into this organization and start making any sort of demands, regardless of how good he is or what his resume looks like.

A lot of people will be quick to say that he is the best player in the world and with that being the case, should have unlimited power within the organization.

What people seem to neglect to mention is that there are 14 other players on this roster other than James. If the franchise is only doing things to appeal to their best player, then I believe that sends the wrong message to the other players who feel like they are just as important even if they don’t have the resume that James has.

Part of being a great player this deep into one’s career is having the ability to make sacrifices. There were a ton of opportunities for LeBron to make sacrifices, such as sacrificing his role as the primary ball handler and letting Lonzo Ball run the offense permanently and being more of a presence in the post.

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LeBron has always been the type of person who has always wanted to control the narrative and he has become an expert in that category. But, I think LeBron has to realize that he can’t just keep using his status as an elite player to come into every organization and start controlling things, especially if he is not willing to sacrifice anything in return.

I completely respect what he has accomplished in his career so far, but that does not negate the fact that he has accomplished little to nothing since joining the Lakers.

Kobe Bryant poured his blood, sweat and tears into this organization and therefore earned the right to have a prominent say in every decision made by this organization, whereas it seems as though LeBron is using his resume from his past success in order to usurp the powers in place within the Lakers organization.

LeBron James is great, but he has not accomplished anything in a Lakers uniform and has not shown the organization or Laker Nation that he is willing to sacrifice anything in order to return the Lakers back to prominence. To me, that does not warrant him getting any sort of meaningful control over a franchise, that despite their recent struggles over the years, was winning titles long before LeBron was even born.

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If the Lakers do indeed hire Tyronn Lue, I hope its because they truly see him as the best candidate suited for the task of coaching the Los Angeles Lakers and not simply because he is LeBron’s guy.