Los Angeles Lakers: Pre-Free Agency starting lineup prediction

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Los Angeles Lakers
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Shooting Guard: Wayne Ellington

While many Lakers fans would love to have the likes of Klay Thompson, Kawhi Leonard or Kyrie Irving, I don’t think that they will choose the Lakers this time around. However, I don’t believe the Lakers will be left empty handed. While Wayne Ellington isn’t the superstar name that most people would expect especially with Jimmy Butler on the market, Ellington is the perfect fit for what the Los Angeles Lakers want to do.

In Ellington, you get one of the best catch and shoot players in the NBA. You get a player who is a borderline elite shooter coming off screens and you get a improved defender, who would benefit from the likes of Frank Vogel and Lionel Hollins being his coaches. While he isn’t going to put up 20 points per game, he will give you constant effort and when he gets hot, he gets scorching hot.

The Lakers big problem last season was there lack of shooting. This mistake should not be repeated again and adding shooters likes Ellington would go a long way towards righting them wrongs.

With D’Angelo Russell and Wayne Ellington on the floor along with Anthony Davis and LeBron James, you will have two guards who will have a lot of open shots during of the course of season. Ellington would be a match made in heaven with Anthony Davis. I can see Davis setting a hard screen at the top of the key and Ellington rolling around it being wide open and shooting the 3 ball all night long.