Los Angeles Lakers: Pre-Free Agency starting lineup prediction

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Los Angles Lakers
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Small Forward: LeBron James

Was there any real doubt that this wouldn’t be the pick. Arguably the greatest player in NBA history, going into his second year with the Purple and Gold. Yet again the expectations will be sky high and hopefully LeBron and company can get the Lakers back in playoff contention.

With LeBron you get one of the most well-rounded players in NBA history. With James you get an elite playmaker, capable of quartebacking the entire offense. In the same breath you get a scorer capable of punishing you any way he wants. You also get an elite rebounder and when he wants to, LeBron is capable of locking down any teams best player. He usually saves this for the playoffs.

With Frank Vogel now the head coach, it will be interesting to see if Vogel can fully get Lebron to buy in on both ends of the floor. Surrounding Lebron with shooters is the best way to maximize his supreme talent.

Now that Davis is added to the mix, LeBron has the perfect partner to run a pick-and-roll with. LeBron is an elite passer out of the pick and roll and Davis is an elite finisher in the pick-and-roll. You add the likes of Ellington, Russell, Kuzma as well as Davis. and LeBron finally has a number of shooters surrounding him. Add some more bench shooting depth and you will have a Championship caliber ready team.