Los Angeles Lakers: 3 reasons Andre Iguodala makes a whole lot of sense

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Los Angeles Lakers
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2. Iguodala plays defense and is versatile

It’s hard to find a star willing to grind it out of defense, but that is just what Andre does. He can flip a game on its ear when checking onto the court. It’s not easy to earn the NBA Finals MVP award coming off the bench, but Iggy did it.

Without his defense and his glue-guy mentality on the court, not to mention his field goal (46.6 percent for his career) and free throw (71 percent in his career) shooting ability, he doesn’t get this type of award.

Iguodala’s career average rebounds are 5.1 and he averages 1.5 steals as a shooting guard/small forward. He is very versatile and he is the type of player who can change the game when his name is called.

Toronto’s Kawhi Leonard struggles against Andre’s defense.

According to Marcus White of NBC Sports, Iguodala and Klay Thompson, “Limited Leonard to fewer points per 100 possessions than any other players. Golden State’s duo has also prevented Leonard from getting off many shots.”

The Lakers are going to need someone who can shut down or slow down the now Clippers star.