3 trades to improve the Los Angeles Lakers in the offseason

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Derrick Rose

The Detroit Pistons as a franchise are in a complete rebuild.

Trading Andre Drummond for cents on the dollar was the 1st move to completely rebuild the Pistons from the ground up.

With two more years on Blake Griffin’s deal, the Detroit Pistons are within touching distance of rebuilding the team the right away and for their sake, they put themselves in the best situation to win.

The Pistons, whether it was a lack of talent or a concerted effort to tank didn’t put themselves in a position to win this past season.

Detroit is the proud owner of the 7th pick in the 2020 NBA draft.

They have needed all across the roster that they need to address long term. They could land a big man, a wing, or a point guard, they are truly in a position of strength where they can take the best player available.

Many might argue that while the Pistons have former MVP, Derrick Rose, on the roster, why would they need to address the point guard position?

With Rose becoming a free agent next season, there is a high likelihood that he will seek a new team that gives him a chance to win a ring before he retires.

That is most certainly not going to happen with the Pistons.

So what should the Pistons do?

If they moved on from Drummond for peanuts, they should do right by Rose and put him in a position to win.

The Pistons likely draft a point guard at 7. With the draft being point guard-heavy in the lottery, it would benefit the Pistons greatly to take the best point guard available early.

Giving Rose the chance to compete on a Championship roster could complete the comeback for Rose after his horrific string of injuries.

Rose would be the starting point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers and while he is a former MVP, expectations will be curtailed as he won’t need to be the focal point of the team anymore, he will be a contributor who will help the Lakers immensely.

Rose offers the Lakers the ideal point guard. He can score in bunches, he can assist at a good level for when LeBron James is off the floor and he can play a role that allows for Anthony Davis and LeBron James to continue to dominate without getting in their way.

A rare trait that it’s hard to measure via any metric is Rose’s know-how.

Having been a former MVP, the face of a franchise, and a superstar, Rose is uniquely qualified to know what it is like to be a big shot taker, to have the ball in your hands with the clock winding down, to accept the responsibility if you lose. That has been part of why Dwight Howard has been so valuable to the Los Angeles Lakers this season.

Adding Rose who has big-game experience can be the difference between winning and losing when opposing defenses are locking up LeBron or AD.

Rose to the Lakers to compete for a Championship could be the stuff of a Hollywood blockbuster.