Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: 3 players connected, for now, to Kyle Kuzma in a trade

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Lakers rumors are heating up now that we are one day closer to the NBA’s trade deadline on Thursday. Lake Show Life breaks down the three players closely linked to Kyle Kuzma in trade rumors. Like for now. Presenting the three players that are in the Lakers rumors until Thursday at the latest.

This week represents the second of the four most exciting periods of the NBA season with Los Angeles Lakers rumors getting louder and louder.

It might seem glamorous at times, but Lakers rumors can be just as big of a grind for the NBA writers as the players. The NBA trade deadline is exciting because the player carousel goes around and around until Thursday February 6th. Plus, fans get to filter reports to see who really knows what is going on in the NBA and who is chasing clout.

That is why Kyle Kuzma and a few staffers are anxiously waiting to see if Kuzma will have a new team to represent by this weekend.

Kuz probably wouldn’t want to leave the top team in the Western Conference where the weather is as nice as the team’s conference road winning streak. All the while numerous predictions (One of them was strongly challenged!) came from Lake Show Life that no matter what the goes down with Lakers rumors, Kyle Kuzma will not be leaving this year. Now the offseason? We’ll cross the bridge when we get there.

Until then, there is less than one day until the Feb. 6 NBA trade deadline. Lake Show Life will continue to give the fans the up to date events on all things Kyle Kuzma. Despite our projections, whether or not the Los Angeles Lakers trade Kuzma remains one of the hottest NBA stories going on right now.

To understand this concept to decipher what is real info and what is considered to many as “clickbait”, let’s check out the mission statement on what the Lakers are looking for as the deadline approaches. ESPN’s Zach Lowe had his take on the situation earlier this week.

"The Lakers have investigated the market on Kyle Kuzma, per sources and prior reports. They have poked around on a long list of ball handlers. It will be interesting to see if the Lakers attempt to somehow acquire another salary in the $12 million range which they then use in a trade for a higher-priced guy, Iguodala or someone else."

Lake Show Life has a laundry list of potential players the Los Angeles Lakers have been looking into. Those players are below.

Andre Iguodala:

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Darren Collison:

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Derrick Rose:

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Robert Covington:

Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: Team packaging a Kyle Kuzma deal for Robert Covington? More on him later.

Then the Lakers rumors got so out of control, Lake Show Life wondered if Lakers Nation should even believe the reports.

Lakers Rumors: Should Lakers Nation believe these trade rumors or not?

Lakers Rumors: Should Lakers Nation believe these Kyle Kuzma rumors?
The NBA’s top insider, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN offered clarity on his latest episode of “The Woj Pod”, about how difficult the negotiations would be for both sides.

"“I think with Kuzma, with Kyle Kuzma they have talked, they have listened. I think his contract makes it hard, he’s just making over $2 million… It makes it hard to make the money work on a trade somewhere, because how do you make it work with him financially? If you’re trading for an established veteran player, you assume he’s making a lot more than $2 million… You never know, but right now I think the idea of maybe having to gut their depth a little bit to trade for one guy, it may not make sense for them. And maybe is only a marginal improvement over what they have in Kuzma anyway.”"

In short, Rob Pelinka is doing his job by fielding calls about potential offers but is in no rush to make deals just to say a deal was made.

Remember what happened at the trade deadline last year? Everyone was so excited over the Anthony Davis saga that Lake Show Life was adamant to report wasn’t coming to fruition. What did they end up with at the end? Reggie Bullock and Mike Muscala.

The main thing to digest here is the Lakers want ballhandlers. They don’t need to trade Kuz if Darren Collison, chooses the Lakers around the NBA All-Star break.

But alas, let’s look at the players around the NBA connected to Kyle Kuzma in trade rumors for now.